h-series bolt pr 

H Series with bolt-on directional lock
h series four pr

H Series with four-station plunger lock


Revvo H Series heavy-duty casters are now available with a bolt-on directional lock that features notches to make it easier to install and use the directional lock. The lock is bolted on underneath the top plate, using the top plate mounting bolts. When engaged, it converts the swivel caster into a fixed (rigid) caster for straight-line travel.

Revvo H Series casters are also available with a four-station plunger lock to convert swivel casters into a fixed (rigid) caster. A foot pedal brake and wheel lock for locking both the wheel and swivel, or for using as a wheel brake only is available as well.

Applications for Revvo H Series kingpinless casters include heavy-duty carts used in manufacturing (e.g. automotive) and institutional (e.g. medical) facilities as well as material handling, theatrical sets, and OEM products.

The new H Series casters with directional locks feature a roller, taper roller, or precision ball bearing and are available in seven (7) wheel diameters from 4" to 12" (100mm to 300mm) with load capacities ranging from 330 lbs. (150kg) to 3,300 lbs. (1,497kg). Swivel models are fitted with oblong top plates and can also be ordered with wheel locks or brakes. Wheel options (depending on wheel size) include rubber tire, cast iron, phenolic, green rubber, steel, nylon, standard polyurethane, and "Revvothane," a licensed formulation of Vulkollan® polyurethane.