singletech combi pr

SingleTech Combi casters are used in combination caster sets to lock all casters simultaneously.

New SingleTech Combi total lock swivel casters are designed for medical equipment, hospital beds, gurneys and stretchers, appliances, furniture, retail displays, and for other applications requiring dependable performance combined with design style. Available in four (4) total lock and eight (8) single-wheel swivel models, it can be used in "Combi" sets to provide a fully-enclosed, positive mechanical brake and locking system for when all casters in a combination set need to be locked simultaneously.

Featuring soft, streamlined contours, SingleTech Combi casters are constructed of lightweight, pressure-diecast aluminum shells and are engineered to provide perfect tracking down long corridors. The total lock progressive brake mechanism allows the wheels to swivel and rotate freely when in the "off" position, and will prevent swiveling and rotation when in the "on" position.

The central locking mechanism can be locked in three distinct positions, providing free swiveling, swivel locked with wheel free, and total locking of both wheels and swivel. The locking system uses complementary metal teeth on the wheel hub and swivel pin and does not cause the wear on brake pads and tire surfaces common to conventional friction brakes.