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Towcaster is now available in sets of four swivel casters that include directional locks for two of the casters.

Two new Towcaster swivel caster sets from Revvo Caster move ISO freight containers quickly and easily without using expensive equipment such as cranes, gantries, or side-loading forks. Towcasters are now available as a set of four swivel casters for optimum mobility, with two of the casters featuring directional locks to convert two swivel casters into two fixed casters when needed for straight-line travel.

Revvo Towcasters are designed for power towing up to 5mph (8kph) and are suitable for moving empty or evenly-loaded containers of a maximum 40-ft. (12.2m) in length. They are a low-cost solution for container manufacturing, repairing, and marshalling for loading and unloading. Towcasters are designed to economize storage space by allowing containers to be maneuvered and parked away from the lifting facility. Since there are no protruding parts, containers can be positioned close together without damage.

Featuring rugged polyurethane-on-cast-iron wheels, the new swivel Towcaster sets are available in two sizes, one with a wheel diameter of 10" (250mm) and load capacity of 22,000 lbs. (9,979kg), and the other with a wheel diameter of 12" (300mm) and load capacity of 26,400 lbs. (11,975kg).

The complete system uses four (4) casters that lock into corner castings incorporated into all ISO freight containers, plus locking screws on the casters, a lifting handle and ratchet spinner. The 10" (250mm) diameter Towcasters have a tread width of 3" (75mm) and mounting height of 15-3/4" (400mm); the 12" (300mm) diameter casters have a tread width of 4" (100mm) and mounting height of 17-7/8" (454mm).

Towcaster sets are available with the patented Towbar, which measures 8-ft. (2.4m) long and fits securely into ISO container corner brackets immediately above two swivel casters. Towbar enables towing by tractor, fork truck or other type of vehicle, and attaches to the towing vehicle using standard link pins up to 1-1/2" (38mm) diameter (not supplied).