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Durable yet lightweight central locking swivel caster sets conform to ISO 22882: 2004


New TwinTech "Ultimate" Combi caster central-locking casters sets from Revvo are designed for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications where all casters in a combination set need to be locked simultaneously, including complex medical equipment such as hospital beds, day care and long-term care beds, anesthesia machines, imaging equipment, and laser surgery equipment. Antimicrobial treatment for the caster wheels is optional.


Conforming to ISO 22882: 2004 standards, TwinTech "Ultimate" Combi casters feature a fully-enclosed, dynamic brake and locking system. Available in 18 twin-wheel models, the casters are constructed of lightweight, pressure-diecast aluminum shells to provide high strength without the material cost or greater weight of other caster types. They are engineered with ball bearing swivel heads and sealed precision wheel bearings to reduce swiveling and pushing effort necessary in demanding applications. The swivel locks and maintenance-free brakes operate securely and independently for improved performance. Dynamic braking action allows for operation of the brake while casters are in motion without damage to the mechanism.


The central locking mechanism can be locked in three distinct positions, providing free swiveling, swivel locked with wheel free, and total locking of both wheels and swivel. The locking system uses complementary metal teeth on the wheel hub and swivel pin and does not cause the wear on brake pads and tire surfaces common to conventional friction brakes. 


The new TwinTech Combi swivel casters are available in five free swivel, five total lock, and eight total and directional lock models. Load capacity is 297 lbs. (135 kg) with a swivel radius of 4.1 inches (104mm) for 5-inch (125mm) diameter models. Load capacity is 330 lbs. (150 kg) with a swivel radius of 5.2 inches (132mm) for 6-inch (150mm) diameter models. The sleek, aesthetic design of new TwinTech "Ultimate" Combi casters includes a high-quality RAL 9003 white finish (custom RAL colors available) with durable Nylon 6 molded wheels and quiet-running polyurethane tires. SUPPRESS antimicrobial treatment is available to inhibit the growth of bacteria, including strains of MRSA, E. coli, and C. difficile.