plastech tlc thumb

Revvo PlasTech Solus Total Lock Casters

Ideal for medical products, displays, furniture, and other light-duty applications, the new PlasTech locks the wheel and swivel simultaneously for added more.


towcaster-towbar thumb

Revvo Towbar for Towing with ISO Freight Container Casters

The patented Towbar is an accessory for Revvo ISO freight container casters that enables easier towing by tractor, fork truck or other towing more.

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Revvo TwinTech Ultimate Combi Casters

When all casters in a set need to be locked simultaneously, TwinTech Combi offers the ISO-certified, "Ultimate" more.


SJE Series

Revvo SJE Scaffold Casters with Additional Wheel Options

Featuring zero offset for added stability and safety, SJE Series casters are now available with nylon and rubber-tire wheels on special more.


Sussex 63 Swivel Casters with Low-cost Brake Option

Designed for low-profile applications, Sussex casters offer a hand-operated locking brake and robust 550 lbs. load more.


 2H swivel thumb

2H Twin-Wheel Kingpinless Caster with Bolt-on Directional Lock

Ideal for power towing, the new 2H Series twin-wheel caster features a secure bolt-on directional lock to convert swivel into fixed more.


solus ultimate thumb

TwinTech "Ultimate" Solus Casters with Die-cast Aluminum Body

A sleek, attractive, twin-wheel swivel caster constructed of die-cast aluminum for high performance without higher more.
ET-with fixed brake

ET Series Medium-Duty Casters with Fixed-Position Brake

Optional brake feature mounts to the top plate so that the brake is always in the same easy-to-access position regardless of which way the swivel wheel is more.
sovereign thumb

Sovereign Series Medium-Duty Casters for Manual Propulsion Applications

Features a swivel double-ball raceway and Santoprene wheel molded onto a polypropylene hub. For shopping carts, retail displays, mobile work tables - 4" & 5" (100mm & 125mm) wheel diameters; load capacities to 330 lbs. (150kg) more.
towcaster thumb

Towcaster Swivel Caster Sets for Moving ISO Freight Containers

Now available as a set of four swivel casters for optimum mobility, with two of the casters featuring directional locks to convert two swivel casters into two fixed casters when needed for straight-line more.
tlch thumb

TLCH-R Floor Locks Feature Larger Engagement Pedal for Safer, Easier Operation

Instantly secure a truck or other mobile equipment in a fixed position without raising it - also featuring a thicker mounting pad for added strength and easier replacement of the more.

f series thumb

F Series Light-Duty, Twin-Wheel Casters for Medical Products and Displays

Attractive, low-cost casters available in standard stem (bolt-hole) or special-order top plate models with options including total lock brakes and a wide range of custom more.