S Series Stainless Steel Antimicrobial Casters for Harsh Environments

s stainlessDesigned for medical and other institutional facilities as well as food, pharmaceutical, and chemical processing plants, Revvo S Series stainless steel casters are ideally suited to conditions where moisture, cleaning agents, steam, and caustic or corrosive chemicals are present. They are available with "Performa Protect" antimicrobial wheels to control bacteria, molds, mildew, fungi, and odors.

  • Load capacities from 220 to 660 lbs.
  • Wheel diameters of 3-9/64", 4" & 5"
  • Constructed of grade 304 stainless steel for use in harsh, corrosive environments
  • Bolt hole (stem) swivel and top plate swivel or rigid models
  • Features stainless steel ball journal bearings

s top plate stainless

s bolt hole stainless

Swivel models are fitted with a double ball bearing head, and top plate models are sealed. An optional foot-operated pedal applies a brake to both the wheel and swivel head.



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