Floor Locks

Floor locks provide a ready means of instantly securing a truck or other mobile equipment in a fixed position without raising it. They bolt to the underside of a truck and lock into place as well as restore freedom of movement by use of an engagement foot pedal.

Flexello TLCH Series Floor Locks

  • Mounting height (pad extended) 8-1/8"

  • Retracted height (free position) 6-3/8"

  • Top plate overall 6" x 4-1/2"

  • New model (TLCHR) features a longer and wider engagement pedal so that the unit is safer and easier to step down on and lock into position.

  • TLCHR also features a thicker rubber mounting pad attached to the unit with a heavy-duty threaded bolt for added strength and easier replacement of the pad.


tlch floor lock 

Revvo 4040 Series Floor Locks

  • Model to suit casters with 4" wheel diameter have a mounting height of 6" and retracted height of 5"

  • Model to suit casters with 6" wheel diameter have a mounting height of 8-1/4" and retracted height of 6-11/16"

  • Top plate overall 4-3/4" x 4-3/4"


 floor locks